Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Misandry defined

According to page 866 of the Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition (which is the dictionary I keep using), misandry is defined as follows:

"[Rare] hatred of men"

This definition is both correct and incorrect. It is indeed rare in the sense that few people actually use the word (let alone even know what it means in the first place!), but in our culture in the year 2007, it is running rampant -- which is why the definition is not correct.

The goal of this blog is, quite simply, to explore just how widespread misandry has become in our culture. Occasionally, I will throw in other potpourri as well, but misandry will be the focus on this site. One reason for this is that if you compare the attention misandry gets to that of its analogous term misogyny, the latter gets so much more attention than the former. This assertion alone is truly sad, and what's more, it's my motivation for creating this blog.