Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nina Burleigh's Article

If you have a moment, check out this misandric article written by Nina Burleigh of the Huffington Post.

The title alone is misandric because it uses the phrase "man enough," so already Ms. Burleigh starts off on a bad foot, placing her in bad company with Maureen Dowd (Are Men Necessary?) and many others.

Another quote that caught my eye (actually, both of them) was this: "The fact is, as the UN reported some years back, women world-wide are five hundred years from parity with men." Well, among other things, you have to ask the UN why it's 500 years and not 499, or 501. But seriously, have they even thought about what men around the globe are going through in the year 2008? Personally, I think that it is men who are not even close to parity with women, given the copious amount of attention -- political attention, that is -- that has been given to the issues of the latter, not the former. This is to the extent that the former's suffering is almost always laughed off as insignificant when compared to the historical suffering of the latter.

Only when we look at human suffering as a whole, not as a part (which is what the UN is doing), will our global society be able to move forward -- it's as simple as that.

Another quote: "Every day in America a woman gets the crap beat out of her by a boyfriend, every other day, in New York anyway, a man kills his wife or girlfriend. That's feminism 101, friends, it's where we really are on a planet where whole nations can still deny women the right to drive, use birth control or go to school, and force them to wear black blankets over their heads."

This stuff is nothing new, it's been hackneyed by many scholars and politicians. But since I'm such a firm believer in equality, I am aware of the truth that this quote is ignoring. Truth such as:
- there are women who kill their husbands and boyfriends, and get away with it -- just ask Mary Winkler, for example.
- there are men who get the crap beat out of them by a girlfriend, but when the men call the authorities, guess who they arrest? You're intelligent, I'll leave you to figure that one out.

Ms. Burleigh may preach feminism 101, but I'm afraid that she's taking female privilege around the world for granted. Privilege such as South African girls having had a special school built just for them, and that's just for starters.

One final quote from the article! "Calling female reporters 'sweetie' is not - ahem - a step in the right direction." As if a waitress calling a male customer "darling" is a step in the right direction.

Overall, it's a terrible article that fights injustice with injustice. How anachronistic can you get?


Vince M said...

Basically, I've little respect for people, most often feminists, who decry misogyny (like it rightfully should be) but use misandry in the process. Hope that clarifies things.

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

The woman says: "Every day in America a woman gets the crap beat out of her by a boyfriend, every other day, in New York anyway, a man kills his wife or girlfriend."

I am so sick of these idiotic arguments. Newsflash: most violence outside the home is committed by men on other men, often innocent men. Many more men are killed everyday than women. Another newsflash: most crime is committed by men because a small percentage of men have never learned to control their testosterone. Men do virtually everything outside the home more than women -- the vast majority of it serves a productive, useful purpose, and women are the primary beneficiaries of most of it. Without testosterone, we'd all be living in huts. That's a fact, and you can tell how much of a fool is a feminist by the extent to which she tries to deny that simple fact.