Monday, May 26, 2008

"There's no excuse for abuse"

... unless (a) the abuser is female and (b) the victim is male. Then there's plenty of excuse. Unfortunately, this is the terrible reality of domestic violence in the year 2008.

Speaking of abuse, however, sometime last year, I came into possession of a pamphlet that was the size of a business card. The words "There's no excuse for abuse" were written on the pamphlet, hence the title of this entry. Even though I've issues with the visual appearance of the pamphlet, I looked inside and found that, to my satisfaction, the tips that the writers of this pamphlet provide are gender-neutral. In other words, they apply to female as well as male victims of domestic violence.

However, here are the issues I have with the pamphlet, in no particular order:
- The colors that it uses are shades of pink and purple -- very gender-neutral colors indeed (/sarcasm).
- There is a symbol that appears on the front that is a combination of the circular peace symbol and the symbol of the planet Venus; of course, the latter symbol also represents women as a whole.
- On the back is a list of shelters in the Philadelphia area, but what the pamphlet doesn't tell you is whether or not they accept male victims.

And perhaps the pamphlet's most fatal flaw:
- They fail to mention the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women, which is one of the few domestic violence organizations out there that is gender-neutral. They do what all DV organizations should do: stand up for the rights of all victims, regardless of their sex/gender.

This organization has a web page, and they can be reached at 888-7HELPLINE. Please, if you feel that you have been victimized in any way, go immediately to a safe location and give them a call. They can help you out.

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