Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The boy crisis revisited

Just to piggyback on my previous entry, Krista Kafer of the Independent Women's Forum stated the problem of the boy crisis better than I did. Here is an excerpt from her paper "Taking the Boy Crisis in Education Seriously: How School Choice Can Boost Achievement Among Boys and Girls":

Girls surpass boys in reading, writing, civics and the arts. Girls get better grades and more honors; they have higher aspirations, are more engaged in school and are more likely to graduate from high school and college. Boys, on the other hand, are more likely to be suspended or expelled, need special education, smoke, drink and do drugs, repeat a grade, commit suicide, become incarcerated, leave school without attaining literacy, drop out of school or be unemployed. Marginal advantages in math and science for boys pale compared to the sheer advantage girls enjoy throughout school. (pg. 1.)

The entire paper is available here. Undoubtedly it is required reading if you teach at the K-12 level.


Anonymous said...

This type of phenomena is not a by product of feminism but its purpose. The only observation I would make at this point is to say that what has happened over the last twenty years or so has shown just how weak maleness actually is. I don't think we realised this at all. But it is all to clear now that one good shove from women has all but pushed maleness into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree that feminism has show how weak maleness is and there may be further to fall. It also seems to be true that when put under pressure maleness becomes self destructive. It pains me to see men self lacerating or lashing out at other men when their real enemy are women. It is for this reasons I am ambivalent about domestic violence. To strike out against women it to strike the enemy

Vince M said...

I don't think it's accurate to state that women constitute men's real enemy. People shouldn't be enemies on the basis of sex/gender.