Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Other issues I care about

By now, you can probably guess that I've issues concerning feminism, but that's not my only topic of worry. Though I believe we should eradicate sexism (all forms of sexism, not just sexism against women), there are other forms of injustice in the world that also attract my concern. Three of them are as follows:

Mixed-Race Rights. If there are history months or awareness months for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans, then where is Mixed-Race Awareness Month? Part of the problem that is hampering development of such a month is that the term "mixed-race" is offensive to some of those who identify as biracial, triracial, &c., but nevertheless a month should exist for those people who identify with more than one race/ethnicity on official forms. This is one of the many issues that concern mixed-race rights.

Only Child Discrimination. There is a Chinese saying that describes an only child as a king of the house who hogs everything, or something along those lines. I have also overheard people on a bus talk about how spoiled only children are, and what's even scarier is that an actual psychology textbook says the same thing. Discrimination against the only child is not only unjust; it also constitutes a double standard, since such discrimination doesn't affect people who have siblings.

Age Discrimination. Unless an arbitrary 20-year old on April 3rd who cannot consume alcohol responsibly can magically correct his problem on his 21st birthday, April 4th, the law in the United States that says you have to be 21 or over to drink is age discrimination. A similar analysis applies to the age of consent, driving age, voting age, and gambling age.

These are just three of the several issues that attract my concern. My hope, succinctly put, is that all forms of discrimination stop.

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