Friday, January 25, 2013

Women in the military

You will recall that quite some time ago (to be more exact, 4 1/2 years ago), I blogged about one of the only things I liked about President Obama, namely, that he would sign a bill into law requiring females to register for the Selective Service upon their turning 18.

Cue in recent developments about women now having equal access to some combat roles in the US military.  Though of course this still means only men are required to register for the Selective Service by their 18th birthday, the point is that we are now one step closer to the US requiring Selective Service registration of guys and gals alike.  For me, I'm just happy that I'm currently witnessing dialogue of this nature happening in my lifetime, however wayyy overdue it is; discussion about gender equality in the battlefield, in the line of fire, etc. needed to happen 50 years ago, if not earlier.

Let me be more specific.  In a whirlwind of feminist slogans such as "equal pay for equal work" and "my body, my choice" that are so hackneyed and overused that they are annoying as hell, a new slogan -- you may call it "equal access in combat" -- is a breath of fresh air.  Being even more specific, I am happy that finally, instead of the status quo of discussing ways to give American women equal rights without equal responsibilities, suddenly I hear talk of ways to give them equal responsibilities without equal rights.  In other words, I find it pleasing that discussion of this side of the coin of gender equality is finally, finally starting to surface.

It is long overdue, I must emphasize -- but hey, I'll take it.

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