Friday, February 22, 2013

On the movie Thelma and Louise

There are feminists in the blogosphere (sp?) who have argued that the movie Thelma and Louise is not misandric.  Their argument (one of them) will go something like this:

"People have said that Thelma and Louise is misandric because of the way the film portrays its male characters.  In the film, we see characters such as a controlling husband and a rapist, which prompt people to conclude that the movie is anti-male.  What these people forget is that there are also good male characters in the film..." that one police officer who helps Thelma.  Or did he help Louise?  I dunno, I don't remember.  But anyway, that's how the argument goes... the argument, being one big straw man.  Oops, I meant straw woman.

The problem with this argument is that it sidesteps the real misandry in the film, which can be found not in characters such as the controlling husband and male rapist, but in the lack of female equivalents thereof.  Thelma and Louise features neither a controlling wife nor a female rapist, and it is this that makes the movie misandric.