Thursday, August 22, 2013

On Jennamarbles

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I first got into the YouTuber Jennamarbles in 2011 with this video.  At the time, hers was a perspective you just don't encounter that much in the mainstream, which already scores major points with me.  Several videos later and I was hooked.  To this day, I make it a point to watch her new videos every week.

In February of 2012, she made a couple more videos, namely this one and this one.  Even though she did one video, then turned things around and made the second video from the opposite perspective (which she has done on more than one occasion), I found both videos misandric.  What I got from one was that it's men's fault guys don't understand gals, and from the other, it's men's fault gals don't understand guys.  In other words, you can't win!  If you're a guy, that is.  What's more, Jenna says in one of the videos how she knows a lot of guys from her boyfriends to her brother, etc. which in turn gives legitimacy to her point of view.  Trouble is, knowing a lot of guys doesn't rule out the possibility of some dude coming along that could totally obliterate your viewpoint, thus rendering it invalid (to say the least).  Hence, her argument is standing on awfully shaky ground, I'd say.

Then came the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and with it, this video on some guy's ignorance about sports bras.  Clearly this was rubbing it in the face of men (that's how I took it) how little they know about brassi√®res, or about women in general, and that the latter has to put up with this BS.  Which is accurate, but Jenna fails to mention how little women actually know about guys and that this inconveniences the latter big time.  Here's an example that I hope will clarify what I mean.  One time, I noticed a comment thread on Facebook (I wish I could upload it here for you) that blamed men for being unable to pee in a toilet, standing, without leaving liquid on the rim.  "Isn't the target wide enough?" the commenter asked -- or something along those lines.  What she overlooked is that when urine hits the water, it splashes, so liquid can potentially end up on the rim of the toilet even if you aim accurately.  What's more, you could tell that when the guys were correcting the commenter, they were annoyed that they had to do so in the first place.  Hence, men not knowing much about women is merely half the story.  How about person A not knowing stuff about person B?  Why do people make the objective subjective?  Sigh, I've got a feeling I'm repeating myself here...

Given the foregoing misandry, you may be compelled to ask me "Why, Vince, are you still a fan of Jennamarbles?"  There are a couple answers to this question.  One of them is that there is misogyny to balance out the misandry.  She constantly mocks girls in her videos for being stupid, annoying, etc. -- have a look at this video and this video for evidence supporting my assertion.  Granted, I would prefer it if people were sexist towards no one, but all of the videos I've pointed out thus far demonstrate that Jennamarbles is sexist towards everyone, so you can't accuse her of practicing a double standard.  Actually, you could make such an accusation, but then your argument would be "standing on awfully shaky ground, I'd say".  Thus, she's in the clear.

And the other answer, you ask?  Well, Jennamarbles's recent videos are accompanied by long, winding descriptions that are literally (yes, literally) all over the place.  Those of you who have stayed on top of Jennamarbles's videos as of late, know precisely what I mean.  Anyhow, a very recent video has a description featuring a hypothetical scenario about a guy conversing with his wife.  Here's an excerpt:

"Hello? Oh now you're ignoring me. Real mature. Verbal abuse?? HAH! You verbally abuse me just as much, did you ever think about that?? I have feelings too and you hurt them sometimes! Like when you say I don't care about the kids' baseball games and stuff, of course I do honey, I always want to be there I just have to work sometimes that's all."

I recall reading the comments section and coming across one user who wasn't too thrilled with Jennamarbles's description, spouting the usual story we hear about guys who are abusive to their wives, yadda yadda yadda.  In other words, the status quo -- which our society can't afford, last I heard.  Didn't the commenter get the memo that spousal abuse goes both ways, not one way?  For shame, commenter.

In short, Jenna's description touched a nerve -- meaning that she did something right.

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